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A Vinyl Fence Installation: What it’s Worth to Your Home

Vinyl FenceA vinyl fence installation can add a lot to the value of your home and property. In comparison with other materials, a vinyl fence installation may also be a good solution in wet climates, such as the Pacific Northwest.

A professional vinyl fence installation adds curb appeal to your property. Basically, curb appeal describes the attractiveness of your property when seen from the street. A properly maintained, aesthetically pleasing yard and exterior will bring high curb appeal, while a tumbledown, dirty or otherwise unattractive exterior and yard will fail to deliver any curb appeal.

Think about it: When everything looks just right, the appeal of the property goes up. Indeed, researchers have discovered that we constantly make split-second decisions based on appearance. Most of us judge others subconsciously within seven seconds – and homebuyers are using similar thought processes when judging properties. “Curb appeal” really just describes the drop-of-a-hat judgment that buyers make about homes before even touring them. If your home has high curb appeal, chances are you’ll win a higher sale price. Beyond appearances, a properly maintained property is also desirable in determining the sale value of a property.

Read on to discover how a vinyl fence installation can boost your home’s curb appeal and overall value, while also meeting your privacy needs.

Introducing the Advantages of a Vinyl Fence

Fence Installation is a significant change to most yards, so choosing the right material is an important task. In the Pacific Northwest, it can be difficult to choose between wood or vinyl, the two most popular fencing materials on the market.

Vinyl fencing is a bit of a newcomer, and some customers may be hesitant about a product that is essentially “plastic,” but consider vinyl’s numerous advantages. First, it’s strong enough to stand up to wet weather without any maintenance. Wood fences, in contrast, require regular finishing and staining to stay in good condition. A vinyl fence will not rust or decompose – all the homeowner must do to keep it looking good is rinse it off from time to time with a garden hose and perhaps a bit of soap. Finally, vinyl fences are non-toxic; they do not contain copper arsenate as older treated wood fences do.

How a Vinyl Fence Installation Adds Value to Your Home

1. Homebuyers love maintenance-free elements. Wood fencing, no matter how well maintained and cared for, will wear over time. Elements such as rain, wind, snow and sun damage and inevitably break down wood products over time. The constant rain of the Pacific Northwest is especially hard on wood fencing, as it fosters rot as well as mildew and mold growth.

In contrast, vinyl fencing is extremely strong and much more flexible than wood fencing. It requires virtually no maintenance – a characteristic that most homebuyers adore. Finally, vinyl fencing is impervious to insects and rot. Your home will be more attractive to buyers with a maintenance-free, attractive vinyl fence installation.

2. It’s easy to find vinyl fencing materials to complement every home. Visual and stylistic efficiency are essential for curb appeal. If you can find a fencing material that complements the rest of your property, you’ll be able to ask a higher asking price for your home.

There are so many choices for a vinyl fencing installation that it can be difficult to know where to start. Popular design choices include privacy fencing, semi-private fencing, picket and lattice styles. Vinyl fencing is also available in a variety of colors – and special ingredients in PVC vinyl fencing ensure that whatever color you select will stay vibrant over time. Beautiful colors and styles are appealing to homebuyers; a beautiful, unique vinyl fence installation will boost your home’s curb appeal.

3. Vinyl fencing installations retain value over the long term. Although it may be more costly upfront, the long-term costs of vinyl fencing are lower than that of wood fencing products. With your vinyl fence you won’t have to worry about dealing with rot or pest infestations, refinishing or replacing worn boards. Since these costs can add up over the years, a vinyl fence installation can be much more affordable in the long term. Finally, potential homebuyers will be more likely to consider buying your home if it includes a fence that will look great for decades to come.

There are two other properties of vinyl fencing installations that many homebuyers find attractive. First, vinyl fencing is produced in the United States. Pacific Northwest homeowners will be delighted to learn that Salem, Ore., is a major producer of vinyl fencing. This means a vinyl fence installation supports the regional economy, a priority for many Pacific Northwest consumers. Second, vinyl fencing is often considered healthier for the environment than wood fencing, since vinyl lasts longer and does not contribute to deforestation. Homebuyers who prioritize eco-friendly solutions will be attracted to a home with a vinyl fence installation. These are two of the many ways a vinyl fence adds value to your home.


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