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Residents in Windy Tri-Cities Rave about Aluminum Framed Patio Covers

Aluminum Framed Patio Cover

Aluminum Framed Patio Cover

The climate of southwest Washington’s Tri-Cities area is sunny, dry and often gusty. This desert locale receives just 7-8 inches of rain per year – a far cry from Seattle’s 58 inches of annual rainfall. Local warm Chinook winds – literally “snow eater” winds, because they can melt snow in a single day – can blow at more than 30 miles per hour. In these conditions, any outdoor structures must be strong and sturdy.

Aluminum-framed patio covers can stand up to the windy conditions of the Tri-Cities area. Indeed, it would take winds in excess of 100 mph to conquer our patio covers. Moreover, our aluminum framed patio covers can withstand up to 25 pounds of snow per square foot – meaning you won’t have to worry about sweeping off your patio cover during the next blizzard. And if you need even more snow protection, we can offer structures that support up to 65 pounds per square foot.

For extra sun projection, we suggest Tri-Cities resident add a canopy to their aluminum-framed patio covers. A 50 or 75 percent shade bronze canopy will offer extra protection against the harsh Tri-Cities sun.

A patio cover is the perfect outdoor living accoutrement for the Tri-Cities area. With a covered outdoor space, your family can make the most of the famous 225 clear days the Tri-Cities area enjoys every year. An aluminum-framed patio cover with a sun-blocking canopy will provide the most enjoyment for Tri-Cities residents. If you’re looking to spend more family time outdoors, give us a call today. We are happy to provide a free estimate for your next patio cover project.

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