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Top 5 Questions to Ask your Fencing Contractor

vinyl picket fence

Lattice Top Vinyl Picket Fence

During our thirty-three years in business, we’ve spent plenty of time thinking about how customers can get the best fencing contractors. The following five questions can help you discover the right contractor for your project.

1. How long have you been in business?

More time in business means more experience. You can trust a company that’s been around a while. They’ve ridden the waves in fencing materials, they’ve worked through all kinds of customer service experiences, and they’ve attracted enough business to keep growing.

2. Do you have the necessary licenses and are you bonded and insured?

A trustworthy fencing contractor will have all the requisite city and state licenses. And liability insurance is a must have. Otherwise the homeowner could be held liable for any accidents or damage caused during fence construction.

3. Do you provide a list of references?
Don’t rely on advertising hype or clever sales copy. Instead, ask for references and follow through to make sure past customers have had a positive experience with each fencing contractor.

4. What type of maintenance is involved with the fence after installation?

As you move through the fence construction process, fencing material will be one of your top considerations. Different fence materials have different needs as far as maintenance goes. Cedar fences, for instance, need regular cleaning and staining to maintain their fresh appearance. PVC fencing, on the other hand, needs nothing save an occasional wipe-down with soapy water. As you select a fencing material and company, you can educate yourself on how to take care of your fence for years to come by putting this question to each contractor.

5. Is there a warranty for my fence? If so, how long does it extend?
Different fencing materials offer different warranties. Many of our fencing materials come with a lifetime warranty. Understanding warranty conditions and terms will allow you to deal with any unanticipated issues down the road.

Asking these questions will help you find a competent, effective, friendly contractor who can make your fencing project come off without a hitch—and on budget.


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