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Top 3 Decking Materials Portland, Oregon Homeowners Love

If you’re a dedicated comparison shopper, you may be surprised to learn that research shows shoppers enjoy their final purchases about the same, regardless of small differences between products. These researchers say people are bad at estimating how much small differences will have on their overall enjoyment of a product. It’s not worth it to pull your hair out over small differences, this psychology research suggests. Yet we beg to differ when it comes to home improvement purchases such as selecting decking materials.

Portland homeowners might only live with a new cell phone for a couple of years, but an investment in cedar decking is one they’ll likely live with for decades. Seemingly small differences in quality will stack up over the years. More maintenance, replacement and hassle will be yours if you choose poorly constructed decking materials. Portland, Oregon deck shoppers can save themselves trouble by choosing the top-shelf decking options listed below.

Top 3 Choices for Decking Materials

Portland, Oregon’s decking market offers these top-of-the-line choices:

1. Port Orford Cedar

When it comes to decking materials, Portland’s homeowners are lucky. They happen to live near the small stretch of the globe that produces the world’s strongest decking material, Port Orford Cedar. Sometimes called Oregon Cedar, Lawson Cypress, or Port Orford White Cedar, this king of decking materials consistently beats out all other cedars in strength and hardness tests. These qualities make Port Orford Cedar better able to stand up to the relentless rains of the Pacific Northwest. Unlike other cedars, Port Orford Cedar will not warp under heavy rains. Moreover, it contains oils that repel insects. Hands-down, Port Orford Cedar is the best choice for cedar decking.

2. Tigerwood Hardwood

Tigerwood HardwoodIf you’re looking for the lush exotic appearance of tropical hardwoods, Tigerwood Hardwood is the superior choice. It’s incredibly strong, more attractive than other hardwoods, maintenance-free, and even harder than Port Orford Cedar. Best of all, it’s sustainably harvested from Brazilian forests, so you don’t have to sacrifice environmental stewardship for style. If you love wood but hate the idea of re-staining your deck every year or two, Tigerwood Hardwood is your best choice.

3. Endeck PVC

Many consumers are opting for maintenance-free cellular PVC decking materials. Portland, Oregon decking experts would recommend Endeck PVC as the best PVC decking brand. That’s because Endeck PVC features a hard capstock shell that is completely scratch resistant. Your Endeck PVC deck won’t get scratched when you move the BBQ or when your dog decides to take a flying leap off of your decking materials. Portland, Oregon homeowners also love the fact that Endeck PVC is extremely resistant to mold and mildew. Finally, Endeck PVC decking’s embossed wood pattern is attractive and highly slip-resistant.

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