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Tips from the Experts: Decking Materials

A deck makes for a beautiful outdoor addition, and it can even improve the worth of your home. With the wide variety of decking materials available to you, you can easily design a deck that appeals to you and your guests. To ensure that your deck will enjoy a healthy, long-lasting life, Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking wants to impart a few words of wisdom:Cedar Decking

Cedar decking tips

Port Orford cedar decking is the go-to choice for many homeowners, and we have several cedar decking secrets to make the most of your deck:

Create a stable foundation. Use pressure-treated wood for the framing of the deck to ensure the best support against the elements. In most jurisdictions, pressure treated framing is required by building code. Not all pressure treated lumber meets code for all applications, so consult an expert.

Proper spacing between deck boards is essential. Cedar decking will not only expand and contract in length, but also in width. By properly spacing your decking, you can be sure your deck will properly drain, and your deck boards won’t buckle from being packed too tightly together.

Depending on your needs and the look for which you’re going, there are several fastening options for your decking. Galvanized nails, coated or stainless steel screws are all suitable options for Port Orford Cedar Decking.

Tigerwood decking tips

Tigerwood decking, an exotic option to your wood decking needs:

Low-maintenance does not mean maintenance-free. Wash your deck with soap and water annually to keep it clean and free of debris. Tigerwood decking may be heartier than other wood decking materials, but your deck will thank you for the upkeep.

There are several options for staining Tigerwood, and other hardwood decking. Experts recommend a specifically formulated hardwood stain.

PVC decking tips

PVC decking offers a sturdy alternative to the usual wood decking or composite decking materials.  Follow these tips to keep your PVC deck looking great:

Consider the color. Your PVC decking will likely emulate one of the varieties of available wood colors. Choose a color that accents the railing surrounding your deck to create a more uniform look.

Clean with ease. Clean your PVC deck with nothing more than household cleaners, a soft cloth and a garden hose.

If you want a deck that’s beautiful and built to last, you won’t go wrong with these Port Orford cedar decking, Tigerwood decking, and PVC decking tips. Contact Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking for more tips on decking materials, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for frequent updates!

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