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Three Uses for Lattice Fencing

custom cedar fenceLet’s face it: Lattice fencing has a reputation for being a bit … cute. While lattice fencing may make you think of your grandmother’s rose garden, many landscape designers are using lattice in hip, modern ways. Here are three fun, practical ways to incorporate lattice fencing into your landscape design scheme.

Purely Decorative
The most obvious way to use lattice fencing is for decoration. If you have a solid privacy fence,  try running about 6 inches of lattice trim along the top to give your fence an ornamental look. Lattice is also a great way to make a gate stand out from the rest of a solid privacy fence. Don’t overdo it, though; a little lattice can go a long way.

Hiding an Unattractive Yard Element
Lattice is a great way to hide parts of your yard that are unappealing. Small lattice fences can be used to hide gas tanks, compost bins or yard waste bins. You can even paint or stain the lattice to match your main fence.

Semi-Privacy Fences

Lattice is a great way to open up a solid privacy fence without leaving you feeling too exposed. Try alternating solid boards with lattice or incorporating a strip of lattice fencing along the top or bottom of the fence. You can even have two layers of lattice running parallel to each other in an offset pattern to create an interwoven, semi-private effect.

You’ll want to make sure the lattice you use matches the rest of the fence. Also keep in mind that cedar lattice fencing needs to be restained every few years just like the rest of your fence. If you’re planning on heavily using lattice, you might want to consider building a low-maintenance vinyl fence so you don’t have to try to paint or stain every nook and cranny of a lattice fence.

For more information on how to incorporate lattice into your fencing project, check out our new e-book, A User’s Guide to Fencing & Decking Materials. It’s full of helpful hints, and you can download it for free until the end of the month.

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