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Three Things Chain Link Fencing Does Best

chain link dog kennelChain link fences are widely used by homeowners for a number of reasons; they’re inexpensive, offer great security, are essentially maintenance free, and last a long, long time. While all types of fencing materials have their own advantages and uses, here are three things chain link fences do better than any other fencing material:

1. Dog Kennels: Chain link makes the perfect fence for keeping in dogs and other small animals. The visibility of the fence allows animals to see out and not feel too “fenced in,” while the chain link material holds up well against chewing and clawing. Plus, chain link is strong and can hold in even the most determined pet.

2. Security Fences: When it comes to security, you need a fence that’s strong, durable and offers plenty visibility so any intruders who do happen to get in won’t have a cloak for their illegal activities. Chain link fencing offers all of these qualities, plus it’s easy to customize with security in mind, such as topping off a chain link fence with barbed wire for extra protection. And chain link gates are some of the strongest available, with plenty of options for security locks and controlled, automatic entry.

3. Property Perimeters : Whether residential or commercial, chain link perimeter fences offer great protection and limited maintenance. Great for parking lots, storage areas, trash enclosures and others, chain link property perimeters get the job done like no other fencing material.

Yes, chain link fences have many great features. Whether you’re trying to keep a dog in or keep an intruder out, chain link is the way to go. And with so many styles and colors to choose from, you can be sure there’s a chain link fence that’s just right for you.

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