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The Solution to Your Deck Woes

cable handrailsIt’s one thing to build a deck from the ground up, with the ability to design the space to meet your personal needs. It’s another to buy a home with an existing cedar deck and have to make do with what you’ve got.

If you’re unhappy with your existing deck but can’t afford to replace the whole thing, one option is to update your deck with new custom handrails to help create an outdoor living space you’ll appreciate. As the market for backyard decks has grown, manufacturers have created a vast array of deck rails to choose from. Handrails for your deck now come in a variety of materials, from aluminum to glass to stainless steel cable, and can be included in any new deck design or added onto an existing deck for a fresh, new look.

Customized handrails can help solve a variety of deck issues, including:

Too-small deck. If you’re struggling with a cedar or composite deck that feels small or cramped, cable handrails may be the solution you’re looking for. Constructed of sturdy stainless steel cable stretched between aluminum posts, cable handrails feature a minimalistic design that opens up your deck and allows it to breathe. Plus, they add a touch of contemporary style without making you feel penned in.

Windy backyard. If your deck gets a lot of wind — a common problem in the Pacific Northwest — you might benefit from a more solid handrail to help block those unpredictable gusts. Glass handrails, composed of glass panels held in place by aluminum posts, are strong enough to block the fiercest winds, yet they won’t obstruct the view from your deck or make it feel closed off. That’s why glass handrails are especially popular at the coast. They can also maintain their flawless surface even when scoured with flying sand.

Boring deck. If your deck is looking a little plain or lackluster compared to the rest of your house, aluminum picket handrails can be an easy way to add class and elegance to your backyard. Aluminum picket handrails contrast nicely with the wood of your cedar deck and can be customized according to your preferences.

Obscured view. Got an amazing view from your deck and don’t want deck rails blocking your line of sight? Either glass or cable handrails can solve your problem. Both will virtually disappear when looked at head-on so you can enjoy your view in safety as well as comfort.

As an added bonus, glass, cable and aluminum handrails are practically maintenance free, so you won’t ever have to worry about sanding or staining them. Read more about these different types of deck rails.

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