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Sustainable Salem: Patio Covers Cut the Summer Heat

patio coverSalem residents are known for their dedication to earth-friendly practices. From acting as a test market for electric vehicles to improving bike paths, Salem’s legislators and residents have found multiple ways to pursue a more earth-friendly way of living. But Salem homeowners may not yet realize how adding a patio cover can also help save the planet.

The Sustainability of Patio Covers

Salem residents are often eager to adopt personal practices that help protect the planet. Here’s how Salem patio covers help reduce a home’s energy usage and CO2 output:

1. Patio covers shade the living area, reducing the need for fans and air conditioners.

As our Salem store manager Cliff Lengstorf explains, “Come spring we get a lot of customers inquiring about patio cover installations because not only do they protect you from the sun but they protect you from Salem’s spring showers.” Just as planting a tree can increase shade, thereby protecting a home from extreme weather conditions, building a patio cover can help shield your home from the hottest winter sun. More shade equates to less need for electric-powered fans and air conditioning units.

2. Patio covers increase livable area without requiring the energy of walled construction.

Compared to adding a whole new room to a home, patio covers require far fewer construction resources and energy. Yet homeowners still benefit from the resultant protected square footage that may be enjoyed year-round.

3. Patio covers protect outdoor furniture and furnishings

The shade of a patio cover protects your outdoor furniture and decorations from the harsh sun. This extra protection means you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor equipment longer – and longer usage means decreased demand for virgin materials.

Protection from the heat of summer is a primary motivation for many of Salem’s residents to install patio covers. Salem tree-huggers will be delighted to learn that patio covers can also help minimize environmental impacts in the ways listed above.

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