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Summer Deck Trends

glass handrailWhether you’re talking swimwear, sunglasses or skirts, summer is all about rocking the new trends. For many homeowners, summer is also about installing or repairing a deck. This year, why not try out a few of thee hottest cedar deck trends? Here are some of the hot new trends in building high-quality decks:

Experiment With Shape

Square and rectangular decks are nice, but so is a cup of chamomile tea. If you really want to wow your friends and neighbors, experiment with the size and shape of your deck. Many creative designers have employed oval, triangular, and piano-shaped designs into their decks, and to great acclaim. Try an octagon or star shape, too. The only limit is your imagination – and the capacity of your contractor.


Not just for safety anymore! Once designers realized they could artistically incorporate handrails made of aluminum or glass into their decks, manufacturers started offering a wide range of fashionable and functional railings. Try mixing materials such as aluminum and cable to create a striking visual element in your deck.

Overhangs and Covers

Most good deck builders incorporate some sort of cover into their decks, and this year it’s all about partial covers. Try a grid-patterned pergola interlaced with string lights or wisteria. Lattice covers work great at providing shade while not making the deck feel closed in. Some designers have even incorporated mosquito nets into their covers and sidings, proving that function can also be fashionable.


This part of the design process is completely up to you. The deck is a part of your home just like any other, so why not make it feel just as comfortable? Incorporating typically “inside” furniture is a great way to liven up what could be considered a boring deck or patio. Weather permitting, bring out a bench or small couch. If that doesn’t work, populate your deck with pillows and cushions. Decorate in whatever way  makes the deck feel like home.

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One Response to “Summer Deck Trends”

  1. Olympia wa deck builder says:

    Decks can be very beautiful as well as functional. Not many people take the time to put their deck past the norm. adding little extras like built in seating, nice railings, or pergolas/trellis’ can make a huge difference.

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