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Springtime Staining Secrets for your Cedar Decking or Cedar Fencing (If Installed in the Winter)

Springtime Staining Secrets for your Cedar Decking or Cedar

Springtime Staining Secrets for your Cedar Decking or Cedar

If you’ve installed new cedar decking or a cedar wood fence during the winter, spring is a fantastic time to apply stain. Your cedar decking or fencing has likely gotten plenty of moisture since it was installed, but now it could benefit from some extra care. Here are some spring staining tips for cedar decking, cedar fencing and wood gates that will ensure everything goes smoothly:

Let your fence or deck dry

We know you’ve been itching to stain your deck or wood fence all winter long, but it’s worth to wait until it has dried out. Wait for a several sunny days—this will ensure the wood is free of moisture and the stain will properly penetrate your cedar decking or fence. It is much more crucial that a deck be completely dry than a fence. Typically fences can be stained as early as April while decks may need to wait for May, June or even early July.

Don’t stop mid-stain

When staining wood fencing or cedar decking, be sure not to take breaks in the middle of deck or fence board.  Lap marks can break up your wood fence or deck’s uniformed look, so make sure if you need a break mid staining, to Finnish the board you are on before taking your lunch break?

Obtain a distinguished look for your deck or fence

Even the gorgeous look of Tigerwood decking can benefit from deck stain. A good semi transparent stain will enhance the natural beauty Tiger wood decking, staining it can provide it with extra UV protection and weather resistance.

Wait for good weather

Check the forecast for a few days of clear weather. While the staining itself should not take more than one session, your newly-stained cedar decking or wood fence will need time to dry and penetrate. This is best done under cloudy conditions, as too much sun can have an adverse effect on the stain.

A fence typically should not be rained on for 6 hours after it is stained. It is best if a deck has 24 to 36 hours for the stain to penetrate before it’s rained on .

Because of the nature of sawn cedar fencing, it can be stained quite heavily giving it extra protection. Stain tends to penetrate and hold very well on cedar fencing.

Home Owners staining decks should be mindful that while some stain is good, more isn’t necessarily better. Deck stain must be applied sparingly and all the stain needs to penetrate.  Experts remind homeowners that there is a big difference between staining and painting. Stain should NOT coat the surface of the deck like paint would. Excess stain should all be wiped away immediately. The amount of stain applied to a deck should completely penetrate into the wood.

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