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Spring Cleaning Tips for your Custom Deck

Leaving winter behind often invigorates us with a desire to clean our homes, and the agreeable weather of spring provides the perfect opportunity to prepare your custom deck for a season of pleasant outdoor activities. No matter what your deck is made from—PVC decking / Gorilla deck, Tigerwood decking, western red cedar decking, or Port Orford cedar decking—find handy springtime deck ideas to freshen up your decking space here.

Endeck PVC decking

Find the Right Cleaning Solution

Your custom deck is ready for a good clean, but depending on your deck materials your cleaning solution may vary. Decks made from PVC decking including Gorilla decks are a cinch to clean—use soap and water to wipe away the winter grime to   keep your PVC decking looking like new.

Cedar decks may require a more thorough cleaning process. Use a mixture of cleaning solution and water to destroy mold and mildew that have built up over the winter. There are several commercial deck cleaners and brighteners available for wood decks.

Spring Smoothing


Unlike Gorilla deck which doesn’t require much maintenance, cedar decks require a bit more elbow grease to look its best. There’s no better time than spring to smooth out scuffs and scratches—sand down any rough areas and your deck will be ready to receive your springtime guests.


For other custom decks, you’ll want to give your Tigerwood decking the care it deserves. Springtime happens to be a perfect time to apply stain, so give your Tigerwood decking the royal treatment and apply a specifically formulated hardwood stain to enhance its natural luster.

Touch up those Accessories

Be sure to devote some extra care to your deck accessories. Any cleaning done to your deck should be likewise applied to your benches, planters, and deck railing. Your guests will love the obvious effort you’ve put in when the entire outdoor living space is shining spotlessly!

For more spring cleaning tips on PVC decking / Gorilla deck, Tigerwood decking, and more, contact Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


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