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3 Uses for Split Rail Fencing

Wood Split Rail FenceThanks to Portland’s vibrant do-it-yourself culture, homeowners are becoming increasingly interested in building their own fences. However, because many lack the time or skills required a complex fence installation, Portland homeowners often turn to split rail fencing as a simpler, low-cost option.

Wood split rail fencing is easy to install and requires minimal tools and materials. It’s also got a lot of history in the Northwest; when planning a fence installation, Portland area pioneers often turned to this fence style because it was inexpensive, sturdy, easy to set up and easy to tear down.

While split rail fencing won’t provide the privacy of a solid-style fence or the security of chain link, it does have its uses, particularly on larger properties. Here are three of them:

1. Defining boundaries.

Not all homeowners are interested in secluding themselves from their neighbors with a privacy fence installation; Portland residents sometimes just want to mark their property lines with a visual reminder. Split rail fencing accomplishes this job without obstructing any vistas or hiding from public view the beautiful landscaping you’ve toiled to create. For this reason, it’s especially popular in front yards.

2. Dividing property.

Large properties are often divided into areas that perform different functions. Split rail fencing is an easy and inexpensive way to cordon off an area, such as a garden or playground, or to provide visible separation between sections of your yard.

3. Keeping large animals in or out.

Split rail fencing won’t keep rabbits out of your garden, but it can provide an effective barrier against larger animals and small children. For this reason, split rail fencing is popular on farms, ranches and other properties with livestock.

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