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Show Off Your Ugly Fence

Ugliest Fence ContestThink of your fence as your house’s smile. Some fences have even rows of shiny, perfectly spaced boards. Others are old and snaggle-toothed, with boards that have become faded, rotten, broken and askew.

Now take a good, honest look at your fence. Does it need dental work?

There’s no hiding an ugly fence. Instead, tell your house to say cheese and snap a photo of your fencing disaster for a chance to win 100 feet of brand-new fencing and give your house a smile the neighbors will envy. Rick’s annual Ugliest Fence Contest is back, and we’re looking for the Northwest’s worst neighborhood eyesores.

To enter the contest, send us your photo by June 30 via email, snail mail, or in person at one of Rick’s five stores. Download the Ugliest Fence Contest entry form for further instructions. The winner will be announced July 9 and will receive 100 feet of fencing materials, valued at $899.

Is your cedar fence too pretty for the contest? Bummer for you! Here are our top three fence maintenance tips to help you keep it looking that way:

1. Stain it religiously. Sun and rain are the biggest causes of ugly fences, and a high-quality fence stain provides vital protection from the elements. Think of stain as fluoride for your fence, and reapply it every few years!

2. Clean it properly. Dirt and mold can prevent the wood from fully absorbing the stain. Before you restain your fence, give it a good cleaning for best results.

3. Inspect it regularly: Check your fence after major storms and every time the season changes. Regular fence inspections can help you nip any problems in the bud.

(Don’t have a fence? Now that’s nothing to smile about. Find out everything you need to build one with the free Rick’s Fence Materials Calculator app for the iPhone!)

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