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Salem Homeowners Make Good Neighbors via Fencing

good neighbor fence

Good Neighbor style fence in Port Orford Cedar

At a population of 155,000 residents, Salem, Oregon is the third largest city in the state.  Salem’s name is derived from the Arabic and Hebrew words for peace (Shalom and Salam, respectively). It appears aptly named, judging from our experience providing Salem, Oregon fencing. We’ve found that residents of our capital city really are “good neighbors,” so it makes sense they should select that fencing style as well. Let’s take a look at what goes into good neighbor privacy fences.

Basically, a good neighbor wood fence looks equally attractive from both sides. Instead of having one smooth front side and one less attractive back side facing the neighbor’s yard, good neighbor fences offer the same view on both sides. The boards in a good neighbor fence alternate from one side of the rail to the other, rather than being attached along only one side. This creates an attractive visual pattern that looks great from all angles. Plus, the alternating placement of boards allows air to flow through the fence, a good thing for areas that see high wind speeds.

Atop the alternating fence boards in a good neighbor fence, a finishing rail is set. This, along with two supportive horizontal rails, creates a unified, finished look. If you’d like to create a little more privacy, simply overlap the fence boards about a half an inch. Indeed, this fencing style is especially amenable to customization, so get in touch if you have a unique good neighbor design idea that we can bring to life.

When building good neighbor fences, we recommend using cedar. This type of timber will last longer than its softer counterparts. Additionally, remember that your new fence will require regular sanding, staining, and sealing every year two or three years. Fortunately, the good neighbor construction style makes it easier to access nearly every part of the boards, facilitating maintenance.

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