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2013 Ugliest Fence Winner Announced!

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2013 Ugliest Fence Winner

For the past seven years we’ve held a contest to find the ugliest fence in the Pacific Northwest. This year’s Ugliest Fence winner is Sibyll Durham of Salem. As Sibyll puts it, winning the Rick’s Ugliest Fence Contest “carries a somewhat dubious honor”, but is one with a worthwhile prize. Sibyll’s ugly fence has won her 100 feet of new fencing materials. To enter, homeowners submitted a photograph of their dilapidated fences to our website.

Mrs. Durham’s fence won handily; she herself admits that her “once beautiful fence…looks quite pathetic” now. Check out those dangling fence boards, loose and crooked like a set of malformed teeth. Could you see the rest of her yard, you’d see that this is only one of several freestanding sections of fence.

After her husband suffered a stroke 10 years ago, the Durhams’ yard “suffered under the lack of attentive maintenance,” as Mrs. Durham explains.

Once, there was a graceful beauty about this fencing. Portland’s Japanese Garden inspired the Durham’s original fence design, which matched 6” diameter natural Alder trunks (the fence posts) with ¾” thick cedar planks. Bamboo accent panels added flare, while a “mini-roof” of halved barn shingles helped protect the Durhams’ fence against years of Oregon rain. Yet time eventually ravaged this fence until it could truly exemplify the eyesore status that we look for in an Ugliest Fence Contest winner.

We send our hearty congratulations to Mrs. Durham!

If you’d like to replace your old fencing, Portland residents, give us a call. We have locations in Hillsboro and Gresham, as well as Salem. Our Washington stores are located in Vancouver WA, and the Tri-Cities. And keep your eyes peeled for next year’s contest, which will be held summer of 2014.

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