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Rick’s Donates $1000 to Little League Team to Replace Stolen Equipment

Who would steal from a little league team?! That’s the first question that ran through many viewers’ minds when they saw KPTV’s story, “Thieves Steal from Little League Team,” on Wednesday’s 10 o’clock news. Portland Little League team The Iron Pigs had two bags of equipment stolen last Tuesday night. After practice, their coach parked his truck at the Plaid Pantry on SW 65th and Foster while he worked his graveyard shift. He returned to his truck the next morning to find that someone had jimmied open his back hatch and stolen two out of three of the Iron Pigs’ equipment bags. In all, the stolen equipment was worth $1000.

The team borrowed equipment to play Wednesday night’s game, but it wasn’t clear whether they would have to forfeit Saturday’s game for lack of bats, gloves, and protective gear. “I’m just disappointed in the community, because I know that Portland can be a better place with people that are responsible,” 11-year old Iron Pig Zander Lyons explained in a KGW story. “We are kind of down because our stuff got stolen. So we’re not doing so well but we’re working our way through,” added Iron Pigs catcher Zack Hurst.

That’s when Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking stepped up.

How can we help? was what ran through Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking co-founder Marlene Stanley‘s mind after she saw the story on KGW. She asked our Marketing Coordinator Nicole Woods to track down the team so that we could make a $1000 donation to replace their gear. As KGW reported last night in a follow-up story titled “Little League Team Gets Big Donation,”  Rick’s Fencing gave the Iron Pigs $1000 to replace their equipment and allow them to keep playing ball. “Little kids don’t need to have to worry about this kind of thing. We just wanted to help them as best we could, and we’re in a position to do that,” explained Rick’s Fencing employee Dave Gerber as he delivered the check to the team.

Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking is delighted to be able to make a difference in this way. We wish the Iron Pigs the best of luck in their game tomorrow!

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One Response to “Rick’s Donates $1000 to Little League Team to Replace Stolen Equipment”

  1. mary says:

    Wow!! What a great thing you and your company have done. It stories like these that touch my heart. Again
    THANKS for what you have done for us as a community.

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