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Resolve NOT to do these 3 Things to Your Fence and Deck in 2013

vinyl fenceA fresh year and a fresh new you! That’s what the whole world seems to scream in January, when the year is still a mere babe and everyone you know is setting resolutions. Now, we’re not here to discourage anyone from setting lofty goals for the year. However, after years of providing fence installation – Beaverton, Portland and Hillsboro are just a few of our service areas – we can vouch for the fact that few homeowners have time to follow through on all of their new year vows, especially where home maintenance is concerned.

While you may swear you’ll refinish the whole fence and deck this summer, you may not be as motivated once warmer weather actually rolls around. So we encourage you to set yourself some reasonable goals for fence and deck care, which you can pursue throughout 2013 without excess effort. Leave the bigger fence and deck maintenance tasks up to us, and focus instead on preventing procrastination from harming your deck or cedar fence.

Beaverton and Portland homeowners alike can protect their deck and fence installations by following these resolutions:

1. I will not let leaves, dirt or snow pile up on my cedar fence or deck.

A clean-swept fence is a happy fence. If mud, organic material or snow is left on a deck or fence too long, it will soak into the timber and create a perfect growing environment for mold and mildew. Over time, a fence that is left to rot under these burdens will weaken. It’s best to keep any detritus off both your deck and fence installation, Beaverton and Tigard residents.

2. I will not ignore under-deck drainage issues.

Water that pools underneath your deck can cause structural instability. Ideally, the under-deck area should be dry and sloped to eliminate drainage issues. If you’ve noticed drainage problems beneath your deck, call our decking experts ASAP.

For those who are sick of gazing up at the underside of a second-story deck, we recommend installing UnderDeck, an unattractive ceiling system that may be installed to the underside of upper level decking. Because UnderDeck pulls water away, it creates a usable, dry lower-level area that your family will enjoy using year-round. (Or, if you’re in the deck building phase, consider our PVC Gorilla Decking, which features an interlocking design that provides exceptional drainage.)

3. I will not let small issues turn into huge problems (splinters that need to be smoothed down, broken boards replaced, etc.).

We are happy to make repairs to your patio, deck or cedar fence. Beaverton and Tri-Cities residents would probably prefer to avoid the need for repair in the first place, however. As with most home maintenance, the solution is to address small problems before they become real hassles. Sand down splinters before they become checks. Replace broken or cracked boards right away, or call us to come out and do it for you. By taking these small steps to keep your deck or fence in good shape, you can avoid the need for repairs down the road.

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