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Project Spotlight: Salem Crew Creates Picket Fence Charm

picket fenceIn our culture of instant gratification, we’re used to seeing food preparation instructions encouraging us to “Just add water!” Home improvement is rarely this straightforward, but the mantra “Just add picket fencing!” could prove just as transformative. A picket fence adds instant charm to any home, especially those that lack fencing. Today we’re highlighting a project the Salem Rick’s crew recently completed for a home in Corvallis, Ore. By reviewing this project, we hope to show how a picket fence can greatly boost a home’s curb appeal.

With a garage on the right and a good-sized front yard on the left, this Corvallis home had plenty of potential. But it wasn’t until we added a 42-inch white scalloped picket fence that the small front yard really “popped,” as designers are fond of putting it. We provided a complete fence installation, including an entryway pergola over a gate between the front yard and the garage.

The many benefits of a fenced yard are visible in the results. Placing the fence about one foot back from the sidewalk and driveway automatically created a new planting area for prized specimens. The line of the fence provides structure for the eye, making it easier to appreciate the tree. Finally, the new picket fencing creates a protected place for relaxation in the front yard; without a fence, this space felt less safe. Visitors and pets find it much easier to relax in a fenced yard.

We think you’ll agree that this fencing project resulted in a much more charming, appealing front yard – boosting curb appeal and home value for these Corvallis residents. If you’re looking to add a picket fence around your yard, we can offer you a traditional pointed picket design as well as an ornate gothic top option. Additionally, we sell picket fencing in wood as well as long-lasting vinyl. If you’re ready to put a picket fence around your dream home, contact us today for a free project estimate!

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