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Privacy Fence Repair Tips

wood privacy fencePrivacy fences can be an attractive, useful addition to your home or garden. But what happens when that fence starts to sag, warp, peel or decay? Just like most homeowners don’t know how to install a fence themselves, most people also don’t know exactly what to do to repair one. The following are a few helpful tips on repairing a privacy fence yourself:

1. Identify the problem. Most of the time, if your privacy fence needs repairs, the problem is very apparent. But sometimes the fence just doesn’t “look right.” The first thing you’ll need to do in these cases is identify what exactly is wrong with the fence. Are the posts leaning and causing the fence to warp? Is the gate sagging and causing stress on the rest of the fence? Knowing exactly what’s wrong before you start repairs will help you avoid unnecessary work and costs.

2. Get the proper tools. You wouldn’t try to bake a cake with the basic ingredients, right? Why, then, would you try to repair a privacy fence without the proper tools? Make sure you have all the appropriate fencing materials to fix whatever is wrong with your fence. These can include a trowel, a screwdriver, a hammer, nails, gravel, cement, fence brackets and replacement fence parts. Remember, it’s always best to have extra supplies at the end of the project than it is to run out of supplies half-way through.

3. If you can’t do it, contract it. Sometimes the hardest part of a repair job is realizing you can’t do it yourself. This may be a blow to your pride, but it’s better than continuing on with the project only to make the fence problem worse. If you are stuck or feel like you can’t finish the project on your own, don’t feel bad about hiring a professional or even calling an experienced friend.

4. Keep up the maintenance. Once the repair project is finished, the best way to avoid another one is to perform regular fence maintenance. Regular inspections should be performed at least once a year, and any worn parts should be replaced. It may seem like a nuisance, but it’s way easier than repairing or replacing the whole fence.

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