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Prepare your Outdoor Living Space for Spring in the Pacific Northwest

Winter has finally ended, and as we emerge into the bright light of spring we look forward to spending even more quality time in our outdoor living spaces. To take advantage of the pleasant weather, here are some easy ways to prepare your home for the forthcoming comforts of spring:

outdoor living space

Protect from the wet with Patio Covers

Spring in the Pacific Northwest can still get a little windy or wet, so it’s wise to invest in some extra outdoor protection. Patio covers provide the perfect solution to enjoying your spring, rain or shine. Wood patio covers can deter the rain while still allowing a cool, flowing breeze during warmer days. Aluminum patio covers can also provide plenty of springtime enjoyment, and are great for cutting down on wind.

Even in milder springs, both wood patio covers and aluminum patio covers are attractive home extensions that can enhance your outdoor living space.

Freshen up your outdoor stone flooring

If your concrete driveway is looking a bit weathered after a rough winter, consider the long-lasting outdoor stone flooring look of CoverStone. Ideal for any weather, CoverStone resists stains, is unaffected by rain, and is easily installed to create a fresh new look for spring. If you want your outdoor stone flooring to last, CoverStone is right for you.

Accessorize your deck

Nothing creates a more enticing outdoor environment quite like deck accessories. Deck accessories such as raised cedar planters can instantly permeate your deck with the scent of spring when you fill them with flowers or vegetables. Raised planter deck accessories can create an inviting garden right inside your deck; to make sure they get enough sun, just set them near your deck railing. Accessories are great deck ideas that will start spring the right way.

For great spring ideas regarding patio covers, deck accessories, outdoor stone flooring, and more, get in touch with your nearest Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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