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Portlanders Do Thanksgiving Al Fresco, On Their Cedar Decks

Thanksgiving Feast

If you have a covered cedar deck, Oregon and Washington’s climate can allow for an outdoor Thanksgiving celebration. With a patio cover and a deck heater or two you can enjoy the natural beauty of late fall while enjoying your Thanksgiving feast. Although light precipitation is common this time of year, temperatures are generally still above freezing, and with the right forethought your “Turkey Day” can be celebrated al fresco.

Tips for Celebrating Thanksgiving on a Portland Cedar Deck

Plan the Table Settings Ahead of Time. Sketch out what each setting will look like, and how your centerpiece will be arranged. Doing so a couple of weeks beforehand will give you time to obtain any additional craft or decoration supplies. We suggest setting up your table the morning of Thanksgiving, not earlier, since the overnight dew will only leave your settings sopping wet otherwise.

Decorate the patio area with gourds, dried corn stalks, and colored lights, for a twinkling touch of glamour as twilight falls. That reminds us—as you plan your Thanksgiving table area, be sure you have enough lighting for the guests to see each other. Supplement dark areas with hurricane lamps or candles.

Plan on an Early Thanksgiving Feast. Because the sun sets around 4:30 pm in Portland this time of year, it’s wise to have guests arrive at two, and serve dinner at three, so that you can linger over post-dining conversation while still enjoying the sun. Those who savor as much sunlight as they can get this time of year will love our translucent patio covers.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help. The Pacific Northwest is the original home of the potluck, or potlatch as it was known to the Chinook. As the host, you’ll have plenty to do—so don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring a hot side dish or desert.

Keep the Food Warm by re-warming vegetables and other side dishes while the turkey cools. Deliver all the hot food to the table simultaneously and curve the turkey table side, to ensure everyone gets a piping hot, juicy slice.

Have a Backup Plan. Where will your guests sit if you are forced indoors? Don’t assume the weather will cooperate—have a “Plan B” in your back pocket.

Think of Some Fun Activities for the Kids. Pumpkin painting, scavenger hunts, donut on a string, bob for apples—heck, even the old trace-your-hand-and-make-a-turkey craft will do. Just don’t leave the kids bored.

If you’re the type of person who loves dining outdoors, consider installing a patio cover this winter so that you can utilize your deck or patio all year long. Contact your nearest Rick’s Fencing store for more information.

[ Photo by: StarMama, via CC License ]

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