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Portland Fencing Materials for “Portlandia” Stereotypes

bird on fencePortland has been basking in the media spotlight lately. With television shows such as “Leverage” and “Grimm” being filmed on Portland streets, it seems the Rose City has plenty of potential for providing eye-catching backdrops. The most ardent on-screen love letter to PDX is undoubtedly “Portlandia,” a sketch comedy series written by and starring actor Fred Armisen and rocker Carrie Brownstein.

Walking around Puddletown these days, you see plenty of references to “Portlandia,” such as T-shirts advocating viewers to “Put a bird on it.” As providers of Portland fencing materials, we couldn’t help but wonder what materials the various characters in “Portlandia” might choose when building a fence. Portland, Oregon residents may get a kick out of reading the fencing materials we’ve chosen for the “Portlandia” stereotypes listed below.

Portland Fencing Materials for the Glasses-Wearing Hipster

In the show’s opening sequence, Armisen leads a silly sing-along titled “Dream of the 90s,” in which various Portland stereotypes are introduced. One line in this song refers to how “All the hot girls wear glasses” in Portland. Of course, all of the extras for the scene are extremely attractive and hip. The stereotype of the Portland Hipster comes to mind – that completely put-together person who somehow still gives the impression that all of his or her clothes were pulled from the bins at Goodwill.

What kind of Portland fencing materials might a hipster choose? We would recommend vinyl, since in our experience, hipsters like to make a fashion statement while still being conscientious about their impact on the earth. Vinyl fencing looks great all year round, and many consider it earth-friendly because it’s shipped from nearby Salem, Oregon. (Salem happens to be one of the nation’s leading producers of vinyl fencing materials.)

Portland Fencing Materials for the Uber Conscientious Consumer

One of our favorite “Portlandia” sketches pokes fun at Portland residents who carefully consider the final outcome of every purchase they make. The sketch shows a couple about to enjoy a dinner at one of Portland’s many fine dining establishments. Armisen and Brownstein mock the uber-conscientious consumer in this sketch by asking detailed questions about the chicken they’re about to enjoy. They prod the waitress to tell them the chicken’s name (“Colin”), its diet (“sheepsmilk, soy and hazelnuts”) and whether it’s local (“yes, absolutely”). Hilarity ensues when the couple actually goes to the farm to scout out where their potential dinner was raised.

For such careful Portland purchasers, we recommend building wood fences. Portland is lucky to be located in the Pacific Northwest, where wood is abundant. Those who care about supporting local economies should choose Portland fencing materials that have been harvested or created nearby.

Portland Fencing Materials for the Vocal Cyclist

Some of the show’s sketches are quite simple; they feature one character shouting the same catch phrase repeatedly, in different environments. Armisen satirizes Portland’s avid cyclists in one such sketch, in which he bikes around PDX shouting, “Bicycle Rights!”

True bike enthusiasts could use bike parts to create their fence. Portland, Oregon has plenty of places where people can find inexpensive bike frames. If you want to communicate your love of cycling, why not build a whole fence out of frames? (Believe it or not, you wouldn’t be the first in Portland to do so.) Other die-hard gear heads may decide to transport all of their Portland fencing materials on a bike trailer. Vinyl fencing would probably be the best choice for such an endeavor, since it’s lighter than other fencing materials.

Portland Fencing Materials for the Dumpster Diver

In one sketch, Armisen and Brownstein dig through a dumpster, commenting on how people throw away “perfectly good stuff.” An especially memorable moment in this routine comes when Brownstein’s character comes across a half-eaten slice of watermelon with a hair on it… and decides to eat the rest of it.

For this Portland stereotype, we recommend wood fences. Portland is known for its dedication to recycling, so it’s no wonder that there are places where you can buy reclaimed doors and windows, usually taken from demolished older homes. Dumpster divers could incorporate these old construction materials into a new wood fence.

Regardless of which “Portlandia” character you like best, when it comes to aluminum, vinyl, or wood fences, Portland residents have plenty of options.

[ photo by: webhamster ]

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