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How to Discourage Vandals from Tagging Your Portland Fence Installation

Shrubs in front of Cedar FenceFor vandals, a long expanse of fencing is a blank canvas to be filled – a tempting prospect that taggers seem to have a hard time resisting. Unfortunately, graffiti is an ongoing problem in many Northwest communities, and spray paint can be difficult to remove from your Portland fencing materials.

To deter vandals from tagging your fence installation, Portland homeowners can try these techniques for making a fence unattractive to taggers:

Apply a protective coating. Shield your cedar fence materials with a clear-coat finish that will help keep spray paint from soaking into the wood.

Plant a barrier. Prevent your Portland fencing materials from becoming a blank canvas by planting tall shrubs or vines along your fence installation. Portland residents who want to add an extra deterrent may want to use thorny or prickly plants.

Light up your yard. Install motion-sensor lights around your yard to startle trespassers, and keep your property well-lit.

Remove graffiti promptly. By getting rid of any graffiti within 24 to 48 hours, you send a signal to vandals that you care about your property. If you’re consistent, they may decide not to waste their time.

Stain your fence. Staining your Portland fencing materials a dark color can discourage taggers, as graffiti doesn’t show up as well on a dark surface.

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One Response to “How to Discourage Vandals from Tagging Your Portland Fence Installation”

  1. power washing San Antonio says:

    It would be very unfortunate if a well maintained fence or wall is just disrespected by pranksters. Thanks for the tips and I do hope that other people will try to be considerate of others because dealing with vandalized or damaged property consumes time and money.

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