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Portland Goes Crazy for Halloween Fence Decoration

Halloween_20081031_003Halloween is around the corner and it is never too late to add fence decoration. Decorating picket fences in your front yard with spooky décor helps give your neighborhood a festive feel. Turning your front yard into a haunted hollow or even a graveyard is a fun activity for kids and adults alike. In fact, if a graveyard is on your mind, you have to start with the fence, as no real graveyard is complete without one. If that broken down look is what you are after, you can consider demolishing inexpensive garden trolls; spray paint them, and break them up a bit for a unique Portland All Hallows Eve decoration. If you already have a fence, just add cobwebs, drape spooky blue or purple lights, and scatter some fake tombstones (homemade or store bought) in front for the final touch.

Decorating your backyard can help enhance a Halloween party or late season BBQ under your patio cover, but it also takes some planning and organizing to get it right. If you really are not into the cobwebs and tombstones this year, add decorative lighting, luminary candles, and autumn bounty décor—corn stalks, squash, pumpkins, and so forth.

We especially like the stark effect of silhouettes. To make silhouettes, use black construction paper to cut out a recognizable shape, such as a spider. Hang your silhouette from a window or other spot with background lighting. You will be impressed with the creepy shadows it makes!

Luminaries can be trickier, and they do vary a bit, but basically you are making and decorating your own lanterns. One idea for a luminary is to save an old metal coffee can, draw scary faces and shapes on the outside, and then punch holes along the lines for an interesting effect with candle light shining from the inside. You can also purchase paper-style lamps and garden lighting that are fire resistant and have the same effect as homemade versions.

We hope you have fun decorating your Portland fences and decks this year. Entertaining makes a good excuse to be creative. With the decoration ideas above, you’ll have the one of the neighborhood’s most appealing fences. Portland hosts can set an eerie mood with spooky music and delicious themed food and drink. Finally, throw in a few fun party games to keep everyone entertained. After the party’s over, kick back and dream up a few ways to decorate your fence in the coming winter season!

[ Photo by: Old Creeper, via CC License ]

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