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Popular Fences found Out & About in Portland, Oregon

good neighbor fence

Good Neighbor Fence made with Cedar

When it comes to styles for wood fences, Portland, Oregon residents have a few favorites. Biking, strolling, or cruising around this town, one sees the following three privacy fence styles everywhere. If you’re considering adding a fence to your Rose City home, consider these three popular choices.

Popular Privacy Fence Styles in Portland, Oregon

Good Neighbor. In the case of this fencing style, good fences really do make good neighbors. The boards on a cedar good neighbor fence are hammered in on alternate sides, so that long skinny peeps of visibility wink at the passerby. Both sides of the fence look the same—so both neighbors get to enjoy the same clean, friendly look of the Good Neighbor fence.

Solid Style. The no-nonsense approach to privacy fencing. The boards are all attached on the same side. Variations in height are common in Portland solid style privacy fences. For instance, a solid privacy fence could follow a slope by stepping up in height. One thing to keep in mind in lush Portland: We can cut the panels to fit around existing trees,
so that you don’t have to lop a branch off of your favorite leafy giant.

solid style cedar fence

Solid style Cedar Fence

Picture Frame. With a horizontal beam on the top and the bottom, and a rail topping it all off, a picture
frame privacy fence is neat and beautiful on both sides. Boards may be lined up flush, or alternating.
Expressive Portlanders often add a lattice top section on top for a little extra flair.

Considering Portland’s location in the woodsy Pacific Northwest, it’s no surprise that plenty of
Portlanders decide to put up wood fences. Portland, Oregon privacy lovers often select the above fence
styles for their Puddletown homes. If you see something you like, know that we have plenty of options for
making your privacy fence customized to your own unique style.




picture frame fence

Picture Frame style Fence


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