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Pergola Styles from Around the World

vinyl pergolaA pergola is a simple and cost-effective way to add shade to your deck or patio and take advantage of the vertical space in your yard. One of the things that makes pergolas so versatile is that they can be customized to complement the individual style of your home or garden. Here’s a look at several vinyl and cedar pergola styles adapted from regions around the world:

Rustic: This is the most basic cedar pergola style and has been popular for generations. Constructed mostly of cedar or vinyl, the rustic pergola features solid beams with simple, open rafters and is great for supporting climbing plants. Though simple, rustic pergolas can add striking light and shade patterns to any deck or yard. This adaptable style can take on different flavors depending on what climbing plants are used, but it’s best suited to gardens with a rugged, wild or natural feel.

Tuscan Winery: Similar to a gazebo, a Tuscan-style pergola is usually larger and more massive looking than a traditional pergola. Featuring large columns and heaving rafters, the Tuscan style lends itself to home vineyards and any Italian-esque design scheme. Plant your pergola with grapevines to enhance its Tuscan flavor.

Asian Pagoda: Pagodas are much more complex structures than traditional pergolas, often featuring many layers of roof turrets. Most pagoda-style pergolas feature concave, turret-shaped rafters, combining the visual aesthetic of the pagoda with the practicality of the pergola. A pagoda-style pergola would best fit with an elaborate yard or one with an existing Asian theme. Koi ponds, water features, and Zen rock gardens go well with a pagoda-style pergola.

Classical: The classical style pergola features bright, detailed columns and a more intricate rafter grid. Reminiscent of ancient Rome, this style goes well with flower gardens, lush lawns and any yard that has a Victorian feel to it. A white vinyl pergola in the classical style will keep its brightness over time with negligible maintenance.

Vinyl and cedar pergolas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from basic do-it-yourself pergola kits to custom designs made to your specifications. Talk with a professional about custom-designing a pergola to fit your yard.

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