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Pergola Ideas for your Shady Private Retreats

Pergola Ideas for your Shady Private Retreats

Pergola Ideas for your Shady Private Retreats

Your yard doesn’t just have to be used for entertaining guests. When you’re looking for some quiet time, fewer places in your yard provide the comforting solitude you seek than a shady private retreat covered with a cedar or vinyl pergola. Make the most of your “me time” with these great pergola ideas:

A quiet reading nook

Create your own “secret garden” by utilizing the structure of a cedar pergola as a trellis for climbing plants and vines. Surround yourself with comfy cushions and a touch of nature as you settle down on a Sunday afternoon nose-deep in your favorite novel.

Shaded patio extension

You can build your pergola ideas with the rest of your yard in mind. Your cedar or vinyl pergola can be built as a patio cover extension, providing a shady spot from the springtime sun. You can relax in the shade while you watch the kids at play and can keep close to the house in case the telephone rings.

Enchanting European walkway

Add some otherworldly-charm to your yard with a number of custom pergola ideas and styles. When built alongside small pools or gardens, a promenade-style cedar pergola or vinyl pergola can bring your European fantasies to life during those quiet walks around the yard.

Make your patio a family room

Not all pergola ideas need to focus on solitude—you can easily have your pergola ideas built with your family and friends in mind. Shaded by a cedar pergola or vinyl pergola, your patio can become your second family room and/or outdoor kitchen. Many customers have reminded us that their covered patio changed the way their family lived and entertained.

For more pergola ideas for a shady cedar pergola or vinyl pergola, contact Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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