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Introducing Our New Partner in Patio Covers: Skylift

Many homeowners avoid patio covers because they’ve seen too many eyesores – ugly, useless patio covers with accumulated debris and major leaking problems. As a leading builder of patio covers in the Pacific Northwest, we’re familiar with the main reason for these problems: a shallow slope. If a patio cover is too parallel to the earth, moisture and debris will naturally collect in certain places, such as the connection between the roof and patio cover. Over time, these “roof puddles” lead to unsightly rot and annoying leakages. In short order, such a patio cover becomes a dark, damp place to be avoided – exactly the opposite of what was originally intended.

Seeing too many homeowners struggle to keep their patio covers free of detritus, we’re always on the lookout for simple, effective ways to counteract this problem. Happily, in discovering Skylift hardware, we have found the solution. Skylift riser hardware lifts the patio cover where it attaches to your home’s roof, increasing the pitch and effectively eliminating drainage problems. A steeper incline allows patio covers to shed water more effectively. Moreover, since Skylift riser hardware “raises the roof” of the patio cover so it hovers over your home’s roof, drainage difficulties between the patio cover and home are eliminated.

Here are a few other things we appreciate about Skylift hardware:

  • No need to adjust gutters – they simply flow underneath the risers.
  • Improved air circulation, since wind can blow underneath the roof side of the patio.
  • Cooler summertime temperatures underneath the patio cover, thanks to increased airflow.
  • Waterproof roof jack flashing means Skylift risers won’t put your roof at risk.

For an especially enjoyable patio, we recommend installing translucent roofing panels, which will allow sunlight to shine through your patio cover. Finally, for those who want to relax rather than spend their summers refinishing their decks, we recommend installing waterproof decking, such as our PVC Gorilla Deck.

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