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5 Things a Patio Cover Will Let You to Do

Certain home improvements can shift your whole lifestyle. For many homeowners, adding a patio cover is one such improvement. Decks without patio covers are wonderful places to hang out—when the sun isn’t too hot or when it’s not raining, that is. However, a deck with a patio cover can be enjoyed nearly any time of the year, even here in the Pacific Northwest.

Here are five things adding a patio cover will allow you to do:

1. Sit outside during rainstorms. Do the months of non-stop rain in Oregon and Washington get you down? Maybe you just need a new way to appreciate the rain. A patio cover will allow you to feel just how magical a rainstorm can be.

2. Decorate your deck as if it were indoors. In this economic climate, few homeowners can afford to add a new room. Patio covers are a great solution for those looking to add more living space to their homes. Once your patio cover is up, you can add outdoor furniture, a few throw pillows and a few decorations to make for a wonderfully relaxing room with a great connection to the outdoors.

3. Leave your deck furniture outside all year. Speaking of outdoor furniture, with a patio cover you won’t have to pull in your deck furniture when the rains hit.

4. Throw an outdoor Halloween or Christmas party. With a patio cover, a few raindrops will no longer force your fall and winter parties inside.

5. Ask a higher selling price. Because patio covers make decking areas more usable, they add value to your home and increase the price you can set if you decide to sell.

As you can see, building a patio cover is a great way to add mileage to your deck. Patio covers allow you to live outdoors no matter what the weatherman says.


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