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3 Home Maintenance Tasks Patio Covers Help You Avoid

Christmas Eve SnowHomeowners cite numerous motivations for installing patio covers. First and foremost, people love how patio covers create outdoor rooms that may be used year-round. Additionally, patio covers can help lower your energy bills by shading the area around your home in the summer. Finally, the visual appeal of a new pergola or patio cover can boost your home’s resale value.

Although these are certainly good reasons to for installing patio covers, homeowners may not appreciate that patio covers also help decrease the amount of time that must be spent on home maintenance projects. A patio cover provides shelter from storms, for one thing, making post-storm clean up a breeze. Below, we list other home maintenance tasks that a new patio cover can help you avoid.

1. Bringing in Your Patio Furniture.

It’s a sad autumn ritual: lugging your patio table and chairs into the garage for the winter months. Happily, you can avoid this task altogether if you have a patio cover. Especially in temperate areas like the Pacific Northwest, a patio cover can provide enough protection from the rain to nullify the need to drag your outdoor furniture into storage. Indeed, you’ll want to have these pieces available all winter long, since your patio cover will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors through all four seasons.

2. Continually Sweeping Your Deck in the Fall.

It’s important to keep your deck leaf-free throughout the autumn; otherwise, fallen leaves could release tannins and create stains on your decking. While the first deck sweep might feel like a fun seasonal activity, by the fourth or fifth day this task can seem like a real drag. A patio cover will protect your deck from leaves and other debris, creating more time for you to kick back and just enjoy the passing seasons.

3. Shoveling or De-Icing your Decking

Following a winter storm, homeowners are advised to clear decks of snow and ice. Left on a deck, snow can quickly pile up and cause structural problems. Moreover, mildew and mold are more likely to form on a snowy, icy deck. Patio covers reduce the need for this slippery, hazardous home maintenance task by providing shelter for your decking.

[ photo by: PlayfulLibrarian, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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