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Partial Fence Installations for Portland Homeowners

Partial InstallThere’s a certain pride that comes with building your own fence. It’s a good feeling to look outside and think, “I made that.”

While building a fence isn’t rocket science, it does require some basic construction skills beyond simply knowing how to hammer in a nail. Fortunately, there’s another option that allows homeowners to enjoy some DIY pride without the headaches: a partial fence installation.

Portland contractors who offer partial installation will set the posts for you and deliver the rest of the materials, leaving you to attach the fence boards yourself. Benefits of a partial installation include:

Saves time.

Digging holes, setting posts and mixing concrete is one of the most time-consuming aspects of any fence installation. Portland fencing contractors can do this job quickly and efficiently. Once the posts are set, the job of installing a fence becomes much easier.

Prevents costly mistakes.

There are many ways to mess up a fence. When installing cedar fence materials, Portland homeowners without construction expertise can make costly mistakes such as digging into underground utilities or setting the posts incorrectly. A partial installation lets the experts lay a solid foundation for your fence so you don’t have to worry about having to correct an expensive error.

Ensures a quality job.

While many homeowners have never even attempted a fence installation, Portland contractors often have years of experience to draw upon. They know all the tricks of the trade required to build a strong, quality fence.

A partial installation provides a great balance between doing it yourself and having a professional do it for you. Before ordering cedar fence materials, Portland homeowners can use our fence materials calculator to determine how much they’ll need.

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