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DIY Kick-Start: Hire for Partial Fence Installation

Partial Fence Installation: Post Set and MaterialsEven the most dedicated do-it-yourself enthusiast might balk at tackling a fence installation. Completing a fence installation on your own is possible, but it requires a lot of time, and possibly the purchase or rental of specialized tools.

Hiring out for partial fence installation is an often overlooked option that allows you to save money while still getting the satisfaction of completing a DIY project. One possible scenario is to hire a fence design and installation company to install and set the posts, leaving the boards and rails for you to finish. This allows you to save on labor costs, while also ensuring a solid foundation for your fence.

Partial fence installation also allows you to save on the purchase or rental costs of a posthole digger, a handsaw or power saw, a chisel, a tamping rod and other tools required for fence installation. Portland contractors can tell you these tools don’t often come cheaply. While some might be available for rental, the time and costs involved in gathering the necessary tools for installing fencing materials can be daunting. Hiring for a partial fence installation will absorb some of these expenditures.

To obtain an estimate for a partial fence build, call your local company specializing in fence installation. Portland is home to several dependable fencing firms that offer partial installation options – most notably us here at Rick’s!

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