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November Yard and Garden To-Do List

cedar picket fenceNovember is the perfect time for last-minute yard and garden chores. You may think there aren’t any yard tasks left to accomplish before the nasty winter weather sets in, there’s always work to be done. From raking the yard to winterizing the deck to planting spring bulbs, there’s plenty to do in the month of November. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your yard or garden this month:

1. Raking

Now is the right time to give your yard a good raking, especially if you haven’t done so already. Piles of fallen leaves and debris will rot during the winter months and can ruin a carefully landscaped yard, garden or cedar deck surface. Getting out there now and taking care of those pesky leaves will mean less of a mess to clean up come springtime.

2. Fall/Winter Veggies

If you’re a gardener, now is the time to start harvesting your fall and winter vegetables and herbs. Squash and brussels sprouts should be ready for picking, as well as horseradish, parsnips and certain types of artichokes. Now is also a good time to trim your broccoli plants and pack your herb gardens with a warm, insulating layer of hay or straw.

3. Spring Flowers

If you like tulips, bluebells, or other annual bulbs, get them in the ground now! Make sure you plant them low enough so they won’t freeze, but not so low that the stalks won’t make it to the surface in the spring.

4. Winter Deck Preparation

Winter weather can wreak havoc on cedar decking or a patio. November is the perfect time for cleaning and prepping your deck for the coming cold. Make sure all yard debris is cleaned from off the surface of the deck. Remove large planters, barbeques and patio furniture. If you live in a very rainy area, you might want to consider covering your deck with a plastic tarp.

There are still a few beautiful fall days left in the month – get out there and enjoy them while you can!

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