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Is Your Cedar Fence Functional?

solid style cedar fenceHomeowners cite many different reasons for building a fence. Some want their yards to feel more secure, while others just want to block the neighbors out. Still others need an enclosure for containing children and small pets. So you put up a fence, dust off your hands and figure, “problem solved.” Right?

Maybe not. Without the proper resources to help them decide which type of fence will best meet their needs, homeowners can sometimes end up choosing the wrong type of fence for the job. Here’s a look at common fence dysfunctions and how to address them:

Privacy. A large proportion of cedar fences being built these days are for privacy purposes. A solid style cedar fence has no gaps in it, so the neighbors can’t peek in on your backyard activities — theoretically. Keep in mind, however, that a six-foot privacy fence may block the view to your yard from ground level, but it won’t obstruct the line of sight from your neighbor’s second-story deck or window.

The solution: Strategically, a well-placed trellis or back yard pergola can also achieve this goal.

Security. People often expect their six-foot privacy fences to double as security fences. A cedar privacy fence can make it harder for an intruder to enter your yard.

The solution: If you’re serious about security, a vinyl coated chain link fence is a good choice because its gaps provide no cover for criminal activity if some one should enter your yard. Several colors are available, giving the fence a sophisticated look. Ornamental aluminum fencing is also a deterrent with its pointed pickets.

Enclosure. Many homeowners rely on their cedar fences to keep pets in — or to keep other pesky critters out. However, some dedicated animals are masters at digging their way under a fence. If your pet keeps escaping beneath your cedar fence, or if rabbits or raccoons are digging their way in, no amount of fence height will accomplish the job.

The solution: Bury a stretch of horizontal wire mesh fencing about 6 inches underground in problem areas.

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