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How Vinyl Fencing Reacts to Weather

Lattice Top Vinyl Fence MaterialsFrom design to price, there’s plenty to keep in mind when you’re planning a fence installation. Salem residents may be attracted to vinyl fencing because it is one of several available low-maintenance fence materials. Salem, furthermore, is a nationwide manufacturing center for vinyl fencing, so environmentally minded consumers in the Portland and Salem area may choose this fence material for its lower transportation carbon footprint.

However, vinyl’s tendency to shift with temperature is a key characteristic that few homeowners consider when designing a new vinyl fence installation. Salem and nearby towns may not see such extreme changes in temperature as other parts of the country, but even the temperate climate of the Pacific Northwest can warp or weaken vinyl fencing, depending on when the fence is installed.

How Ambient Temperature Affects Vinyl Fencing

When thinking about how weather impacts a vinyl fence, the first thing to keep in mind is that vinyl fencing materials are designed to fit together very precisely. Those who choose to take on the arduous task of installing their own vinyl fence can testify that there’s very little wiggle room around the different components of a vinyl fencing kit.

During fence installation, Salem’s current temperature will be the “starting point” for the fence. You will measure all of the different vinyl components to fit in the current temperature. If the temperature is extremely hot or cold when you install the fence, there’s a good chance the fence will shrink or warp later, when extreme temperatures hit.

Best Times to Install Vinyl Fencing

You might think high summer is the perfect time to install your fence materials. Salem residents should keep in mind, however, that vinyl fencing expands as the temperature rises. If you measure and install the fence on a hot summer day, colder temperatures later in the year will cause the vinyl to contract, potentially pulling on and loosening the joints.

Similarly, the dead of winter also isn’t the best time for a vinyl fence installation. Salem homeowners who install at this time will most likely discover that the vinyl fencing expands as temperatures heat up, causing the fence to become too tightly spaced. Your whole fence could expand and warp.

For these reasons, spring and fall are the best seasons for a vinyl fence installation. Salem, Portland and other nearby locales tend to enjoy average temperatures during these seasons. This means the vinyl fencing material will not be swollen or shrunken by the ambient temperature.  It will be at a good “in-between” size that can sustain subsequent expansion and contraction.

Another option is to hire a professional for your fence installation. Salem and other Oregon towns have plenty of options when it comes to installing fencing. Choose a company with plenty of experience installing vinyl fencing throughout the year. This indicates that the contractors will understand how to adjust their vinyl fencing installation procedures to account for extreme temperatures.

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