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How to Prepare Your Yard for a Portland Fence Installation

Fence Vinyl PicketEarly summer is a common time for Northwest homeowners to consider building a new fence installation. Portland spring rains have passed, and the weather has started to warm up, making June a busy time of year for local fencing suppliers.

However, it doesn’t pay to be hasty when planning a fence installation. Portland yards will need a bit of prep work before the building begins. Before installing any vinyl or cedar fence material, Portland residents should take the following steps to prepare their yards for a fence installation.

Mark off your property line. When building a fence, it’s critical to know exactly where your property line lies; otherwise you could potentially end up having to tear down your brand-new fence installation. Portland neighbors who have never had a land survey done should contact a surveyor.

Locate utilities. It has to be done before you break ground on your fence, so you might as well do it now. Call 811 to have your underground utilities marked in order to avoid digging into something you shouldn’t.

Remove obstacles. Walk the line of your planned fence installation and look for large rocks, tree stumps and any other obstacles that will need to be removed. These should be taken out well before you begin building your fence in order to give the ground time to settle. Otherwise, your fence can end up crooked if the ground compacts more than you expected.

Stake out your posts. Visualize your fence line by walking the perimeter and pounding a stake in the ground where each corner and gate post will be located. Run string between the stakes – this will also help you accurately measure your yard for the fence installation.

Decide where to store your cedar fence material. Portland fencing should be stored in a dry, location, off the ground and protected from debris, until you’re ready to use them. Think about where you want to store the materials now so you’ll be ready when the delivery arrives.

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