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How to Hide Ugly Garden Equipment Using Great Fencing Design

BirdbathEvery yard has unsightly but necessary items. Your home’s exterior could feature ugly, utilitarian objects such as septic or propane tanks, garbage cans, bulky equipment and pool maintenance gear. Such eyesores can easily ruin an otherwise stunning landscape and fence design.

Fortunately, landscaping and fencing design experts have clever methods of hiding such unattractive objects around your home’s exterior.

Put a birdbath on it. If your yard features a concrete slab, such as those that surround some septic tank systems, you can always disguise the slab by adding a useful item on top, such as a birdbath. (Do check with your septic tank expert if you plan to place a heavy object, since your slab probably wasn’t designed with this purpose in mind.)

Use trailing plants to hide unsightly elements. Internet access stations and other boxy items can be softened with potted plants. Trailing plants will create the best cover for such items. Beautiful species of trailing flowers include wave petunias, begonias and lobelias. Some trailing plants, such as nasturtium, are both beautiful and edible – your eyesore solution can also enrich your diet!

Cover it with a trellis. Another way to disguise larger items, such as garbage cans, is to create a four-sided trellis around them. This very simple fence design effectively hides unsightly objects. If you hope to leave this fencing design solution in place all year long, it’s best to build a traditional fencing structure, including concrete-set posts between trellis panels. For a low-maintenance variation on this technique, build a fence design out of vinyl trellis panels.

Create a teepee and grow climbing plants on it. Some items can be covered up with clever fencing design. However, what are you supposed to do with freestanding monstrosities such as electrical boxes? A three-prong teepee is the answer. Just arrange three long branches or wooden stakes in a tripod, wind garden twine at the juncture, dig the ends of the poles securely into the earth, and place fast-growing climbing plants around the teepee’s perimeter. Hops, honeysuckle and clematis are useful, attractive fast-growing vines.

Add hedges that will grow up around ugly items over time. Hedges represent a long-term natural fence design that will add beauty where ugliness once reigned.


[ Photo by: Field Outdoor Spaces, via CC License ]

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