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Backyard Makeover in Hillsboro: Aluminum Patio Cover Completes the Look

Aluminum patio coverWhen it comes to a backyard makeover in Hillsboro, aluminum patio cover options provide the icing on the cake. Whether you’re designing an outdoor kitchen, living room or other type of space, an aluminum cover will give you’re the area year-round functionality while increasing your decorating options. So once you’ve laid the foundation for your new outdoor living space, top off the look with a new Hillsboro patio cover.

The following is a look at the major components we suggest addressing in any backyard makeover.

Ground cover: In most cases, the earth beyond your deck or patio accounts for a large chunk of your backyard. You can cover it with grass, a garden, rocks, moss, plants and so on. The best choice for you is an option that you can easily maintain. For example, if you have a busy work schedule and can only tend your yard during the weekends, a low-maintenance landscape may serve you better than a vegetable garden.

Seasonal considerations: When planning the elements to grow in your backyard, keep your area’s weather in mind so the flora will look great all year round. Plants that do well in your area are those that are native because they require less pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals to grow. Native plants also require less water and maintenance, so they’re an easy, hassle-free solution when you need ideas for natural garden décor. Use native plants around your patio or deck to dress it up.

Design considerations: Make your deck or patio more functional by adding weatherproof garden furniture, an outdoor kitchen, lights and outdoor decorations that are weather-resistant. Built-in features such as planters, extra seating and storage are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. To prevent you from being stuck indoors when it’s raining in Hillsboro, aluminum patio cover designs offer a solution that keeps the weather at bay while still allowing you to enjoy the fresh air outside.

When you add an aluminum cover over your patio, you block harmful UV rays that can make your outdoor furniture fade. Plus, the addition of a cover gives you the perfect excuse to grill even when it rains. Get a quote for an aluminum cover today.

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