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Halloween Deck Decorating Tips

Few places in the country enjoy such a magical Halloween holiday as Portland. Halloween in the Rose City area is usually crisp but not too cold – the perfect weather for trick-or-treating. Moreover, pumpkins and other autumn harvests thrive in Portland; the city becomes a cornucopia of urban bounty as All Hallows’ Eve approaches.

If you’re as excited about Halloween as we are, consider decorating your cedar decking for the holiday. Too often, people see nothing but maintenance duties when considering their decking materials. Portland decks can serve as charming entertainment hubs and autumnal retreats. Moreover, decorating your cedar deck, Portland residents, can help you get into the Halloween spirit.

Here are a few ideas on how you can transform your cedar decking into a beautiful expression of the fall season:

Add natural color.  Nothing compliments cedar decking quite like lush flora. Mums thrive in the cool weather of fall, and they’re available in a variety of colors to complement your decking materials. Portland’s plethora of gardening centers sell mums in gold, orange, purple, white, burgundy and many other colors. Select your favorite tones, place your new plants in colorful containers, and voila! You have a classy, understated Halloween decoration scheme for your cedar decking.

Transform a certain corner. Those with smaller decks may not feel they have enough room to add decorations. While small decks may not have the space for a full-sized fenced graveyard or blow-up haunted house, they can certainly communicate the joy of fall in a more limited way. To decorate your smaller cedar deck, Portland homeowners, think about transforming just a certain corner. Head out to Sauvie Island to gather natural fall decorations, such as corn stalks. Tie the corn stalks with a golden ribbon, and prop them up in a corner of your deck. Arrange a few pumpkins and gourds nearby. Heck, you could even throw in some natural seating in the form of a hay bale or two.

Add seasonal lighting. Decorating your deck for fall can be as simple as hanging a string of orange and yellow lights. Rather than decorating only their floor-level decking materials, Portland homeowners can create a more stunning Halloween lighting display by draping lights along deck rails and other vertical deck elements.

Refresh your deck furniture. An easy way to update your cedar decking with the seasons is to select seasonal cushions or cushion covers for your patio furniture.

Create a graveyard on your cedar decking. Buy or make a few headstones, and prop them up with miniature pumpkins. On Halloween night, you can make your graveyard even spookier by adding a fog machine and a strobe light to your decking materials. Portland party stores sell any number of other lighting accessories to make your deck sparkle. Don’t forget to add a boom box playing a creepy soundtrack.

Stage your deck as the entrance to a haunted house. Some homeowners go all-out for Halloween; they transform their abodes into fright factories that delight partygoers or trick-or-treaters. If you’re this type of zealous Halloween decorator, you could bring the party out back by making your cedar decking into the entrance to your house of horrors. Gather dead wilted flowers to display in pots around your deck. And don’t skimp on the fake spider webbing – drape it all over your deck’s railings and posts.  Finally, change your deck light to a black light.

Design a jack-o-lantern pumpkin patch. The classic way to decorate decking materials, Portland-style, is to line up pumpkins along your cedar decking. If you don’t have enough jack-o-lanterns to make a big impression, add gourds, squashes, corn stalks, hay bales and other symbols of fall. Scattering fall leaves and building a scarecrow are ways to add variation to this classic approach to decorating a cedar deck.

Portland homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to decorating their cedar decking for fall. Whichever decorating method you choose, ensure that you thoroughly remove any detritus after the Halloween holiday as passed. Additionally, if you use pumpkins on your deck, protect your cedar decking from stains by placing them on stands or pieces of plastic before they begin to rot.

[Photo by: Antigone78]

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