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New Product Overview: Gorilla Decking Materials

Gorilla DeckingOver the last decade or so, there has been a revolution in decking materials. In the first wave of innovation, PVC and composite decking materials arrived on the scene, providing consumers with low-maintenance alternatives to wood. Gorilla decking represents the latest development in decking materials, in that manufacturers are now honing their PVC and composite deck designs for added strength, durability and ease of maintenance.

Gorilla decking is exclusively available through Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking. We created these groundbreaking decking materials to prevent a few common problems that are encountered by deck owners worldwide: Under-deck drainage issues, and difficulty removing leaves and other detritus from the spaces between deck boards.

Improved drainage. The unique interlocking design of Gorilla decking creates an efficient, water-draining surface. Rather than dripping down between deck boards, rain and other moisture is directed off the surface of the decking materials. This means the area underneath a Gorilla deck remains dry enough to serve as additional storage space.

Tighter board connections. Furthermore, the connections between Gorilla deck boards are tight enough to prevent debris from becoming lodged between them. (Left long enough, leaves, pine needles and other organic materials can cause mold and mildew growth.)

Overall, Gorilla decking is one of the lowest-maintenance decking materials available today. Constructed of UV-stabilized vinyl and secured with concealed fasteners, Gorilla decking is splinter- and check-free, as well as impervious to insect infestations and other decay. Because vinyl transfers heat well, a Gorilla deck will feel cool to the touch even on hot summer days.

We’re so confident about the durability of our Gorilla decking materials that we offer a transferable lifetime limited warranty on them. So if you’re looking for a long-lasting, strong, low-maintenance decking material that will look beautiful for decades to come, consider Gorilla decking.

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