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Get inspired: 5 Aluminum Fence Ideas for 2014

Usher in 2014 with a renewed look for your yard. Aluminum fencing is a great way to add sophistication to your yard or garden without breaking the bank. Start your next project in style with these aluminum fence ideas:

No More Rust

There was a time when the iconic look of wrought iron was the only style of fence that would work with the architrave of many homes.  The downside to this popular fence choice was maintenance. Because wrought iron can rust and needs to be repainted often, the once popular wrought iron decorative fence lost its standing position as an American favorite.

Classic Look with a lifetime Warrantee

Today, American homeowners find the classic look of wrought iron through a decorative aluminum fence. Because aluminum doesn’t rust and because of new paint processes that actually bake an enamel paint finish to the aluminum, families can get achieve the look of a classic wrought iron style fence made from aluminum with no maintenance and a life time warrantee.Get inspired: 5 Aluminum Fence Ideas for 2014

Aluminum gate options

It’s easy to see the attraction in installing a decorative aluminum fence gates with matching decorative aluminum fencing. Many homeowners with other styles of fencing, like picture framed wood fences, also choose decorative Aluminum gates. A decorative aluminum gate can accent many popular styles of fencing that would otherwise look fairly generic.

Pool enclosure

Aluminum fencing is ideal for sectioning pools off from the rest of your property, and a latching gate is crucial to the safety of its enclosure. There are a lot of advantages of an aluminum fence including a more open view allowing a host to keep a careful eye on pool guests. It can also withstand the wet environment without rotting, molding, or rusting. When selecting a pool enclosure, be sure to check your local building codes. A reputable fence company will have specially designed fencing, gates and latches to meet local pool codes and requirements.

Stone wall “flavor”

Short stone walls provide clever boundaries for back and side yards. By adding an aluminum fence, you can create an appealing and attractive look for your yard. Homeowners have fallen in love with the look of decorative aluminum fencing built on top of simulated rock fencing.

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