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How to Build a Scarecrow for Your Garden Fence

Happy Scarecrow CouplePortland fencing materials serve very important purposes. They protect families, provide boundaries and create safe, enclosed zones where kids can play. Beyond these utilitarian uses, however, you can find many fun ways to take advantage of your fence materials. Portland homeowners can turn any fence into a habitat for an eye-catching scarecrow, for instance.

Here are some tips on building a scarecrow for your garden fence.

1. Conduct character development.

Think about what kind of scarecrow would best compliment your home and fence materials. Portland homeowners in the West Hills, for instance, might choose to reflect their posh neighborhoods by dressing their scarecrows in old evening gowns or tuxes. Scarecrow attire doesn’t have to be limited to plaid shirts and old blue jeans. Visit your local thrift store; raid your costume trunk; surf Craigslist – these are a few good ways to get unique clothing and accessories for your scarecrow.

2. Build a strong backbone.

Behind every strong scarecrow is a strong backbone – namely, a skinny but sturdy pole about six feet in length. You will also need a shorter pole for the arms. To create a strong structure for your scarecrow, wire the two poles together in a cross shape before adding any clothing. Portland fencing materials can serve as an excellent support for your scarecrow, so as you work, think about how the pole will fit against your fence materials. Portland gardening centers sell bamboo poles that make perfect scarecrow supports, in case you don’t have any long poles lying around.

3. Take this outfit and stuff it.

To assemble your scarecrow, begin by stuffing the pants (or skirt). You can use dried leaves, hay or even old rags for stuffing. Tie off the pants at the bottom with rope, rubber bands, or by simply tying each leg in a knot. (If you have chosen to dress your scarecrow in a gown or skirt, you will need to sew the bottom shut.) Once the pants are stuffed, slide one pant leg along the vertical pole, and secure the pants in place with a belt or rope. You can even thread the rope through the belt loops.

Once the “legs” are in place, add the torso. First, slide a shirt down over the top of the cross so that the shoulders of the shirt are supported by the cross pole. Next, stuff the shirt. Tie off the ends of the shirt as you did the pant legs. Finally, tuck the shirt into the pants and voila! You have a functional scarecrow. You can add a head made out of an old pillowcase, or simply top the pole with a hat. Of course, you can also add more accessories, such as hats, jewelry, scarves and team flags, if you like.

4. Create a safe scarecrow home.

Once your scarecrow is assembled, it’s time to place it along your Portland fencing materials. Look for a fence post that is highly visible – after all, a scarecrow should be a conversation starter. Hammer the vertical post into the ground, and secure it to the fence post using wire or rope.

Once your scarecrow is blowing gaily in the autumn breeze, you’ll appreciate the decorative potential of your fence materials. Portland being a creative paradise, you’re sure to get a few compliments on your scarecrow from passing neighbors.

[ photo by: wayne’s eye view ]

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