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From Wood to Vinyl, Why Vancouver, WA Residents are Resurfacing with PVC Decking

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Many Vancouver, Wash., residents are trading in their old wood decks for PVC decking. But rather than ripping out the old cedar deck and replacing it entirely, many Pacific Northwest homeowners are saving money by keeping the underlying wood structure and resurfacing the top with PVC.

This approach does require some safety inspection work. Before replacing the deck surface with PVC decking, it’s crucial to check the stability of the underlying structure. With this safety precaution in place, decks that were built in the ‘90s or even the ‘80s can be revived without an exorbitant expense. We can add new life to a gray, worn deck by replacing the surface and keeping the support structure underneath.

While resurfacing their old cedar decks, Washington and Oregon homeowners often choose to add new outdoor “rooms” – deck extensions for food preparation, entertaining guests and lounging in the sun, for instance. Money saved on building a new deck structure can be applied toward such deck expansions.

Decreased maintenance needs are the main benefit of switching to PVC. Don’t’ get us wrong – we love the look, smell and feel of a cedar deck. But like all wood, cedar does require some maintenance to remain looking good year after year. Annual resurfacing and re-staining is ideal, and this process can easily soak up an entire weekend. In contrast, PVC decking needs virtually no upkeep. It can be swept clean with a soapy sponge, and it will never warp, splinter or stain.

By replacing your deck surface with impervious PVC decking, you can give your decking an affordable makeover.

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