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Finish Your Second Story Deck With Gorilla Decks

Gorilla Deck PVC decking is a durable and beautiful addition to your home

Gorilla Decking is low-maintenance and cannot warp or splinter.

With such great weather upon us, it’s no surprise that you’d want to extend your outside enjoyment to the upper floor. A second story deck made from Gorilla decking has all the appeal of a lower level outdoor living space but with an opportunity for a great view that will last a lifetime. Allow us to tell you all about the advantages of finishing your second story deck with one of the best decks around, Gorilla PVC decking!

Sturdy Design Lets You Live the High Life

Even above ground, a second story deck should be strong enough to hold everything you need to make the outdoors comfy. A Gorilla deck is sturdy enough to support any deck accessories you want, from tables and chairs to deck benches and deck railing.

Gorilla Decking is also low-maintenance and cannot warp or splinter. Easy to clean and made with durable interlocking components, Gorilla Deck delivers great second story enjoyment all year round.

Gorilla Deck is a Worthwhile Space Above and Below

Prolonged exposure to sun can have an adverse effect on your deck without sufficient shade, but a Gorilla deck can withstand the most challenging climates with ease. Gorilla decking is made with high-quality PVC material that resists sun and all other forms of weather, making it an ideal choice for long-lasting outdoor enjoyment. And what’s more, Gorilla PVC transfers heat extremely well, making it easy on bare feet in even the hottest weather.

Gorilla decking ensures satisfaction below its surface as well. The patented interlocking design of a Gorilla deck forces the water to travel to edges of the decking not through it.  This prevents water from dripping below onto either a first floor patio or the ground below.  You can now use the space under your decking as additional storage space for your home.

Bring your relaxation to the next level, and finish your second story deck with Gorilla Deck!

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