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Fencing Installations that Create Unique Architectural Character, Beyond Post and Caps

Picket FencingFences don’t have to be boring. A unique fence design can add style and visual interest to any yard or garden. However, many fencing installations are plain, utilitarian stretches of “same old, same old” materials, with no spark of individualism. Create a fence design through which your creative spirit can shine by following the tips below.

1. Add an Unusual, Eye-Catching Gate

One thing’s for sure about gates: They are an opportunity to add character to your fence design. Your gate may feature an arched arbor where your favorite climbing flowers can cascade. Or, if your home has an Asian flair, you might select a gate that features similar stylistic choices. No doubt, with a little research, you can find a charming gate to match any fencing material, from wrought iron to cedar to vinyl.

To find a stunning gate design for your home, take a walk around your neighborhood and snap pictures of fence installations that have gorgeous gates. You may notice some gates with two posts, and others with four or even six, so as to extend and emphasize the depth of the entryway. The Internet is also rife with gate design ideas.

2. Get in the Historical Groove: Choose a Fence Design that is Native to Your Area

A fence is a fence is a fence, right? Well, except when it also represents the history of a certain place. Fences have played a surprisingly large role in American history. For evidence, consider that landscape artists such as Frederick S. Remington have included fences in their paintings to show how the split rail fence split up and tamed the American west.

In contrast, traditional fences in the Northeastern United States were constructed of stones pulled from the earth as farmers cleared land. In metropolitan areas, historically significant fences may be constructed of wrought iron (in posh areas) or chain link fencing (in less affluent zones). One way of adding a unique flavor to your fence is to research the history of fence installations in your neighborhood, and aim to create a fence design that honors historical patterns.

3. Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose: Unusual Materials for Fence Installations

As fence design enthusiasts, we’re cuckoo for strange, unanticipated fence installations. One simple way to make any fence stand out is to use recycled materials. Stumbling around the internet, you can find examples of fences made from all kinds of stuff:

  • License plates: Imagine a colorful quilt of plates from every state!
  • Skis: When seen all together, skis create a picket fence look.
  • Bikes: There’s no reason to waste old bike frames, right?

Considering that these wacky fences already exist, you shouldn’t feel discouraged from creating your own unusual fence. Finally, if you don’t have quite enough fodder for an entire fence, you can certainly decorate wood and chain link fences with whatever objects symbolize your own passions.

4. The Sure-Fire Double Take: Curved Fence Installations

Although fences are traditionally straight-cut expanses dividing one property from another, there’s no reason why your fence can’t have a curve or two. However, because curved fence materials are not widely available, you’ll probably have to partner up with a fence design guru, who will certainly relish the challenge of creating a curvy, attention-grabbing fence for your home.

5. Grow a Vertical Garden on your Fence

Even if you already have a sturdy fence, a vertical garden can add pizzazz. Peas, pumpkins and many climbing flowers are happy to grow along a chain link fence. Cedar may be adorned with flower boxes, as long as they’re lightweight and affixed to a strong post. And even vinyl fencing can sustain a plant or two, as long as you select “pocket gardening” socks to hang on the vinyl fence posts.

In addition to the ideas outlined above, consider painting or staining your fence to revive it. If you’re still in the fence design stage, you can certainly incorporate a variety of materials to add visual interest. For example, you could pair wood picket fence panels with brick or stone posts. Finally, if you’re the DIY type, think about including recycled windows or even doors into fence installations. A reclaimed window can add a charming sense of surprise to any fence design.

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