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Fencing Techniques for Increasing Privacy

soliid patio coverWhen homeowners think about how to achieve privacy in their yards, they inevitably think of adding a fence. Certainly, the construction of a privacy fence is the most straightforward way to boost seclusion. However, there are many other ways to improve privacy. If your yard feels a little too open to the prying eyes of passersby, the following solutions may come in handy for your fencing installation. Vancouver, Portland and Hillsboro homeowners who don’t want to install a full fence can try out one of the following creative approaches.

1. Add just one or two panels of cedar fencing. Beaverton and Tigard homeowners may only need to block a certain stretch of visibility. If this is the case in your yard, the addition of one or two fence panels may be all you need.

2. Create separate “rooms” with patio covers. Portland is known for its relentless rain in the winter months. Adding a patio cover will not only create a dry space for enjoying the relatively mild winter temperatures in our area – it can also offer increased privacy, especially if you add trellis “walls” underneath your new patio cover.

3. Create a living fence. Tall shrubs can grow into a visibility-blocking fence. If you don’t want to wait a long time for plants to fill in, consider placing lattice fencing (sometimes called “privacy screening”) in areas you’d like to block. You can then grow climbing plants up the lattice and enjoy full privacy coverage when the vines are lush in the summer.

Similarly, raised beds or berms may provide the same visual privacy as you would enjoy with a full fencing installation. Vancouver and Portland green thumbs can raise planting beds to bring plants up to eye-level, thereby adding privacy.

These are just a few ways to increase visual privacy in your yard. To make your private outdoor living area feel even more removed from the rushing world, we recommend adding an aural element, such as a burbling water feature or fountain.

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