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Fencing for Yards, Learn About Your Options

solid cedar fence

Solid Style Cedar Fence

Fencing for Yards, the Many Styles

Landscaping your yard can be tough, and for all the time and energy you spend on getting it to look just right, you want to make sure the fence you pick fits the type of yard you have. With all the fencing options available, how can you know you’re making the right decision? Never fear. We here at Rick’s Fencing have put together a quick and easy run-down of the top three most popular fences and the kinds of yards or gardens they work best with:

1. Solid Style Cedar Fence. Nothing says class and privacy like a solid style cedar fence. This fencing type works really well in neighborhoods with closely-set houses and lush, green gardens. The color of the wood goes well with green, leafy shrubs, grass, climbing vines, trees and water features. Flower gardens are a nice complement, too, though you’ll want to make sure the fence doesn’t block any much-needed sun. In short, solid style cedar fences go well with any well-planned, well-maintained yard or garden.

2. Split Rail Fence. Split rail fences are perfect for people with acres and acres of land. These old-timey, Western-style fences don’t offer much in the way of privacy or security, but they do make nice boundary lines. Perfect for ranches and farms, split rail fences help distinguish your land from your neighbors’ and help keep well-mannered sheep, cows and horses on your property. They also add a touch of rustic charm to any home, regardless of size.

cedar split rail fence

Split Rail Fence

3. Chain Link Fence. Chain link fencing combines the security of a privacy fence with the visibility of a split rail. Versatile, durable and long lasting, chain link fencing is great for large yards with dogs or cats. It requires virtually no maintenance and is much less expensive than its wood counterparts. Add an attractive chain link gate to the fence and you’ve got a secure, good-looking fence that will last for years.

Before you start your fencing project, make sure you check out Rick’s Fence Materials Calculator iPhone app. It’s a breeze to use and will help you determine ahead of time just how much the project will cost you.

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