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Salem Fence Materials: Locally Made Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Pasture Rail FenceVinyl fencing has seen such an explosion in popularity that it’s now widely available online as well as in any number of home improvement stores. While the increased availability makes buying vinyl fencing easier for consumers, it also has resulted in a glut of low-quality materials on the market.

Unbeknownst to many Northwest homeowners who are shopping for vinyl fence materials, Salem is quickly becoming a regional hub for vinyl fencing. Our Salem, Oregon manufacturing plant produces quality vinyl fencing in a variety of styles and colors, all available for installation or delivery to homes in Salem, Portland, Vancouver and the Tri-Cities. Advantages of buying locally made vinyl fencing include:

Environmental benefits.

Shipping vinyl fencing from other parts of the country consumes fuel and produces pollution. For local homeowners who prefer an eco-friendly fence installation, Salem vinyl fencing doesn’t have to travel as far, which reduces the overall carbon footprint of your vinyl fence – a goal that’s especially important to many Northwest consumers.

Supporting the local economy.

Oregon is known for its emphasis on buying locally made products, and there’s no longer a need to make an exception for fence materials. Salem-made vinyl fencing employs local workers and puts money back into local economies.

Quality assurance.

When you buy our locally manufactured vinyl fencing, you know where it’s coming from. Vinyl fence samples are available for inspection in any of our Northwest showrooms, so you can see exactly what you’re getting before you buy it.

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