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How Fence Maintenance Can Make You a Karate Black Belt (and Famous Fence Scenes)

karate kid sceneMost people probably don’t think about fences much, beyond choosing their favorite fence materials. Salem and Portland fences are usually intended to fade into the background, becoming backdrops for lush gardens and landscaping. We, of course, think about fences all the time, and tend to notice them wherever we go – even in the movie theater!

Fences rarely play an important role in movies, except when they’re being climbed over. Every now and then, however, we’ll spot a fence playing a pivotal role in a movie scene. Here are a few of our favorite movie scenes that feature fences:

The Karate Kid

Everyone remembers the famous “wax on, wax off” scene as Ralph Maccio’s character completed a series of seemingly meaningless chores that became an integral part of his martial arts training. The part of the movie we liked best, of course, was the scene in which he learned how to properly paint Mr. Miyagi’s cedar fence materials. Portland homeowners should use a semi-transparent stain rather than paint, of course. Remember: It’s all in the wrists!

The Goonies

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever had to do to get past a neighbor’s fence installation? Salem and Portland residents have embraced this film as part of our local culture, some even going so far as to master the “Truffle Shuffle,” the minor hazing ritual Chunk must perform in order to proceed past his friend’s picket fence.

Stand By Me

One of the most important lessons in this coming of age film is that just because a property is surrounded by a chain link fence doesn’t mean it’s not protected by other security methods as well – such as an angry guard dog named Chopper. Who can forget the slow-motion terror on Wil Wheaton’s face as his character fled the jaws of Chopper and scaled the junkyard’s chain link fence? Portland residents also get a kick out of the fact that this Stephen King gem is set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Oregon.

Jurassic Park

In few other films does fencing play such a critical role as in this groundbreaking blockbuster, in which nothing stands between humans and hungry carnivorous dinosaurs but an electric fence. Naturally, the electric fence fails and mayhem ensues. The moral of the story: Dinosaurs are like dogs. If they’re truly determined, they’ll find a way out despite your best efforts.

What’s your favorite fence-related movie scene?

[ photo by: allygirl520 ]

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